The stackable shelving unit “Thorsten” consists of two different modules. In one module, the back panel is not continuous; it extends only halfway and is brought forward. Depending on the orientation of the module, the depth of the storage space varies. The panel’s edge serves as a bookend and the surface can be used for presentation. Moreover, this feature can provide a nifty hiding place for distracting items. Additional accessories make possible a wider range of uses.

The second module is closed on all sides and possesses a full back panel.

studio-t Regalsystem Thorsten Anbauteil Haken
studio-t Regalsystem Thorsten Anbauteil Ablage
Regalsystem Thorsten Aufbauvarianten
Regalsystem Thorsten Anbauteil Kasten
Regalsystem Thorsten Anbauteil Leuchte